SCHCT is looking to expand its rich collections to tell a more complete story of Catholicism in Scotland. Many of our most precious objects have been donated by generous individuals over the centuries. We are looking to enhance our key collecting areas and fill in the gaps of our existing collection.

SCHCT is currently looking for donations which:

  • Connect with our key thematic areas such as Mary Queen of Scots and the Jacobites;
  • Have associations with the Scots Colleges and Monasteries abroad such as those at Paris & Douai, Rome, Madrid & Valladolid, and Regensburg;
  • Relate to Scottish Seminaries such as Scalan, Aquorthies, St Peter’s Seminary (Cardross), St. Andrews College (Drygrange), Scotus College, Lismore Seminary, & Gillis College; as well as Junior Seminaries at Blairs College (Aberdeen) and St Vincent’s College (Langbank);
  • Are liturgical objects such as chalices, monstrances, & vestments with Scottish connections;
  • Relate to distinguished Scottish Catholics, whether clerical or lay.

If you wish to make a donation to the Scottish Catholic Heritage Collections Trust, be get in touch via our Contact Form.


Object Identification

 If you have an object with a Scottish Catholic connection and wish to know more about it, the Scottish Catholic Heritage Collections Trust may be able to help. Please get in touch with us via our Contact Form and supply as much information about your object that you can so we can assist you.

 Please note that this is an identification service only. We cannot value any objects.